Benefits of Business Networking Online and in Person


Regardless of whether your business is small or large, online and offline networking provides a great opportunity and advantage for every business.  In order for it to work you have to connect in conversation before you even try to sell them something.  Once you connect online you have to also connect offline for real business opportunities to take place. I never do major closing of deals on social media.

For many small-business owners, there’s value in meeting with potential customers, business partners and peers online and in person. Here is one action that successful networkers may take to network with one foot in the online world and one foot in the offline world.

When visiting another city strong networkers search their LinkedIn contacts in advance to identify locals to reconnect with in person. You should send a LinkedIn message to set up a meeting.

Just keep in mind, people are busy. They may not welcome one-on-one meeting requests unless there’s a clear purpose.  Make sure you have clear purpose for both parties.

Here are some benefits for business owners getting involved in networking off line:

  • Generation of referrals/Increased business

  • New Connections

  • Advice

  • Raising your profile

  • Positive Influence

  • Increased confidence

  • Satisfaction from helping others

How will you start making networking WORK for you?


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