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Grant Prospect Research

Professional Grant Writing Services

This is generally the first steps, for your organization

First Contact: If a foundation publishes their phone number or email address, contact them to make sure your nonprofit is a good fit and to clarify any questions. Some Foundations specifically say, “Don’t contact us,” so of course  honor that request when necessary.

Research and Discussion: This is the bulk of the work of a grant writer. Grant writer should interview the key people involved in the project. Ask lots of questions to gain a full understanding of the project, and do some research about the problem(s) the project solves.

Write and submit: Once grant writer has all the details, they can put together the application material the Foundation has requested. This may be a short letter, an online application, a five-page narrative, etc. It’s important that nonprofit leadership reads over the completed grant when finished, make any changes, and approves it before submission.

Follow Up: This step may involve following up with a Foundation after a rejection, providing the Foundation with more information, or writing a grant report after money is awarded. 

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