Raising Children that THRIVE


Raising children is one of the most rewarding and important, yet challenging, endeavors a person can undertake. Making sure you have a balanced schedule for your children will be critical in raising a child that Thrives and who is healthy and well adjusted.

Some Parenting Tips that will help:

1. Monitor Television time

2. Limited time on Social Media sites

3. Schedule technology time

4. Have children engaged in social activities (Play Dates)

5. Make time for creative activities

6. Make time for physical activities

7. Remind them how much you love them

8. Have your children involved in Giving Back

9. Encourage them to do their best in every area

10. Help them to discover their gifts and talents

Make sure to monitor social media and technology time 


Raising children is an enormously important part of life. I think one of the most important, or the most important, period. Eric Braeden



Social Activities are very important for children to learn social skills.

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