Veronica Terrell

Deliotte Senior Product Manager

“The WIN Group was inspired and encouraged to use their talents to make a difference. Thank you Yolanda Shields for a great job.”


Brigette Brandon

Working with Yolanda as my coach gave me the motivation to stay on task and focus on the career goals I had set.  She is supportive and encouraging and has a true desire to see you successful.


Carnethia Wright

Through her insightful wisdom and authentic leadership, Yolanda has been instrumental in supporting me as I unfold a clearer vision for my passion in ministry and business.  Yolanda is an avid facilitator and promoter of your dream.  With her commitment to equip, inspire and encourage, I am enthusiastic about putting into action a plan to accomplish my desires.


Jennifer McGill, MBA

Owner, Creator & CEO at Konadu Body Care By Nature

I have known Yolanda for a number of years, but I first worked with her when she approached me to be a part of the Lets Go Innovate Conference she was putting on about two years ago. at the time, I was drawn to her passion and excitement for the work she was doing. My experience working with Yolanda has been nothing but great! She has excellent listing skills, pays great attention to detail, and she is very dependable. She will go above and beyond to get the job done.  As a coach/consultant, I have seen her bring the best out of people like no one can. She has a great gift of tapping into an individual’s potential and drawing it out of them. She is excellent at identifying an individual’s strengths and showing them how to use it to their benefit. If you are thinking of working with her, do not hesitate. She is a great asset and a gem as a coach and consultant. Yolanda has a big heart, always willing to give, and a great passion for life that is amazingly infectious. You cannot help but have a great outlook on life when you are around her. Yolanda’s personality, experience and skills makes her the kind of person you always want on your team.


Brandon Egerton

Program Director of Recording Arts Degree Program at Full Sail University & Music Career Consultant

Yolanda is a wonderful person and one of the best at what she does. She genuinely cares for people and is highly knowledgeable and experienced. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering her services.


Wanda J. Jordan

Contract Manager at Department of Human Services

Yolanda, is energetic, dedicated and gets the job done. She is highly skilled and gets the job done!


 Iris Nance, LUTCF

Agency Owner, Iris C. Nance Insurance Agency, Inc.

If you are looking for the consummate professional who will get the job done, look no further. I would highly recommend Yolanda for her attention to detail, dependability and expertise. Her passion for our youth is an inspiration in itself.


Derek Young

Culture Shift Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Yolanda’s greatest strength in providing excellent service is listening actively to clearly understand the client’s true needs. In doing this, she’s able to leverage a strong skill set for your best benefit. She also displays a great blend of warmth and professionalism.


Esther Phambu

CEO of Esther Nzuzi LLC (NYU Student)

Having Ms. Yolanda Shields as a coach is an uplifting experience. I had no previous business background, but Ms. Shields sat down with me consistently and guided me through not only the process of starting a business, but also stayed with me through the growing process as well. Whether it was making a business plan, or as little as deciding between the color schemes of my business, Ms. Shields was with me through every step of the way and made herself available to do so. She truly cares about the person across from her as much as she does the work. She will always treat you with respect and is a very warm person to have around.


Susan Ragsdale

Youth Development Expert and Author equipping adults in positive youth development

Yolanda has played an instrumental role in helping other agencies get their non-profit status. She has coached and walked others through the process providing encouragement and wise counsel along the way. She has a gift for management and equipping staff and is vision oriented, keeping the bigger picture in mind. She has heart, passion and enthusiasm that comes through in all that she puts her hands to.


Rob Harvey

Church Mobilization | Gospel Proclamation

Yolanda is a trusted community leader with a solid reputation for excellence. She is both a respected thought leader and a proven practitioner, serving as an ambassador of hope to many – often showing us how to respond to some of the world’s toughest problems.

Yolanda is a precious gift. She spends herself as a leader in the social sector with all of her heart, mind and strength. She inspires me. She is truly wholly devoted to managing and guiding organizations doing big things around the world, bearing witness to the hope that lies within us.


Erik Dunton

REMO HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator

Yolanda Shields is strong, confident and efficient, her inspirational ideas and her heart to see lives truly changed for the better has become one of YLLC greatest assets. Working with her as a service provider for YLLC; meeting with her as a consultant for my business; and playing and singing with her on the praise team at church for the past several years, has given me the advantage to gain a wonderful insight to Yolanda’s passion and motivation. Yolanda is a joy and inspiration; any organization should welcome the opportunity to work with her and YLLC as the experience will richly benefit all involved.


Rick Colloredo

Key Account Manager at Pepsi Beverages Company

I found Yolanda to be very organized and thorough. With the YLLC, she embraced a leadership role and “ran with it.” The events that she planned were always successful.


Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock

Lifestyle Entrepreneur,Book-to-Screen Expert,Publishing Strategist,Bestselling Author,African Oscar Winner,TV/Radio Host

What can I say about this “woman of valor”? Her wisdom goes beyond age. She is compassionate, passionate about her work, dedicated and completely committed to making this world better for the less privileged. Her decisions are constantly aligned with the word of God. It is a true privilege to call her a sister rather than a business partner.


Dr. David A. Hancock, D.M.

Chief Operating Officer at Cambium Break Holdings, Inc.

Yolanda is an experienced, highly competent manager and a subject matter expert in not-for-profit operation and grant-writing. During the time Yolanda and I worked together, she was always an efficient administrator and took a personal interest in the quality of her work and the relationships she built for the business. While Yolanda would be an asset to any organization, the excellence she employs with not-for-profit organizations cannot be overstated.


Terease Baker-Bell

Microsoft Executive

I’ve known Yolanda on a personal and business level for many years. Her reputation as a woman of integrity goes before her. I’ve been a client of hers, as well as, witnessed her as she engaged with other professionals, not only in the Nashville metropolitan area but nationally and internationally alike. She has the canny ability to put herself in the shoes of her client and strategically devise a plan for success.

In an attempt to relaunch my business, while working as a manager at Microsoft, Yolanda’s guidance has been invaluable.  For my corporation, she’s advised on business segmentation, workflow management, and book publishing and delivery.  Her many years of experience and leadership in the community, in addition to, her experience in the entrepreneurial market segment, sets her apart.


Rose Lusangi Phambu

Executive Director of Luila Village

It is without hesitation that I recommend Ms. Yolanda E Shields as a coach for your executive staff. I have known Ms. Shields since 2008 and have had a pleasure working with her since. Her tremendous abilities never cease to amaze me.  Because of Ms. Shields, we were able to move forward in our various projects effectively. In the area of consulting she assist with planning for a fundraiser event or helping our overseas during our trips.  She does all this while still keeping our mission and goals in mind.  Ms. Shields will be an outstanding asset for coaching or consulting services with your team. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased with her and her work.


Lindsay Jamison


During my ten years at the Youth Life Foundation of TN, Yolanda was my direct supervisor and played an integral role in developing me as a leader and professional.  I was promoted to the Program Director role after my first year teaching with the program and was very young and inexperienced.  She consistently challenged me while empowering me to lead and instruct our staff.  Her honesty and commitment to helping me grow as an individual always gave me confidence and inspired me to improve time after time.  She is a woman of strong character and integrity and her many years of experience has given her wisdom that earns the respect of everyone who knows her.  I know unquestionably that I am a better professional, woman, and citizen because of the time I was able to glean from Yolanda’s experience and care!


Dawn Totty 

Award Winning Interior Designer

My coaching experience with Yes Builds was quite eye opening, one I am truly grateful for! Ms. Shields is a clear & precise strategist, a business woman with a vast diverse background that allows her to see with a keen eye, the strengths & weakness of her clients and their business plan. No one business grows entirely alone, seek help from this lady, even if you’re not sure you need it, chances are you do!! 


Artherrine Hoskins 

Evangelist and Business Owner

In this Season of opportunities, I am so grateful for this God-ordained Coach. Professional! Spiritual! Balanced! Insightful! I recommend her 100%.